Rafa Alcantara received the news of his call to the Brazil youth team with great joy. The Barca B player was about to realize his dream, which is nothing other than wear the shirt combined with his father, Mazinho.

The CBF yesterday announced that the Rafinha will not be in the team Ney Franco. The reason is that the Mediterranean International Cup is not part of FIFA’s official calendar and clubs are not obliged to release the players. And Barca exercised their rights to stop Rafinha from miss a month of competition with Barca B that manages Eusebio SacristanAlcantara should join Brazil under 20 on Monday 19 March to Thursday 19 April. The plan included a preparation in Brazil, the contest MIC (Mediterranean International Cup) on the Costa Brava from 3 to 8 April and play two more friendlies. Rafinha is the player most used by Eusebius in the B team and the club does not consider the possibility of losing him for so long.

The player’s father, Mazinho, is in Brazil and is making a link between the club and the CBF, they keep talking about the possibility of having the player. The intention of the Brazilian federation is that Rafa play with Brazil Under 20, from 3 to April 8 at MICwhich takes place a few kilometers from Barcelona, in the Girona.

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